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Application Process

NW Pugs is dedicated to finding the right pug for you, and the right home for our puppies.

Please make sure to research and gather all the information you can about the care and keeping of a pug to make sure that this is the best type of dog for you and your life-style. 

 NW Pugs has tried to create a useful FAQ's page and Puppies page on this site that will address many of your questions.  Please use the Contact Us page if you have other questions that have not been addressed. 

We will continue to provide you with training tips, and information even after you have taken your new puppy home.  NW Pugs suggests joining a local chat group or pug meet up where you can meet lots of pug owners who can help with Vet recommendations and tips on the best dog friendly shops in your area.


My Application process is quite simple. You email me.
Please tell me where you live, a little about your family and home, and let me know why you want one of my pugs.

We'll chat a bit and figure out if I have what you are looking for. If not I will likely refer you on to someone that can help you.
Serious inquiries only please. nwpugs@comcast.net



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