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Available Puppies

News Flash: Shipping will no longer be available, due to changing federal laws.
If you live out of the area you will need to fly into Portland Oregon in order to get a puppy from us.

FTI, I broke my arm last fall. The arm finally healed but my bookkeeping is still suffering.
Please forgive me if I am not on task. I don't check my email as often.

Female French Bulldog Puppy
Born on May 4,2017
May the Forth be with you! LOL

"Princess Leah" PL female             

PL has pretty stripes!  Here is her Mommy Elle King.

The puppies are litter box trained and also going outside to potty. These puppies are by far the smartest puppies I've had in a while. Mommy taught them to use the dog door in a few try's.  They are sweet and playful, without being wild and over excited. Very nice well rounded puppies!

 Please email me for if interested please contact me at  nwpugs@comcast.net
We are expecting a new litter in about 9 weeks.

We have a couple of Pug puppies available.
Fawn and black, male or female.
Asking $2500 to a Companion Pet Home. 
If interested please contact me for photos and details at,


Reserving a future Pug puppy

  • If you would like to get on a waiting list for future litters you can send me an email at nwpugs@comcast.net

  • Once you are on my waiting list, and my litter is born, I contact everyone "in the order I received their email," and offer them a puppy.

  • The only way to secure a future puppy for sure is to put a deposit on one ahead of time. First deposit on a companion pet puppy gets first choice, and so on. (I reserve first choice of show or breed quality puppies for myself, always)!

  • Deposits on Companion Puppies are $500 to 1000. Total purchase price is form 2500 to 5000 depending on Breed, Color and Quality. Prices are usually posted with each puppy.

  • Prices are subject to cost of living rise, at any time, without notice.

  • Please feel free to email me to chat about Pugs and Frenchies anytime. I'll do my best to answer questions or offer assistance if I am able to.

  • Thanks for stopping by... Tamara Lucas, NW Pugs & French Bulldogs

If you're looking for a puppy, (and I don't have one for you),
please feel free to contact me for a referral.

email us at nwpugs@comcast.net