Anesthesia does have its risks, and that is why you need to research your veterinary choices thoroughly and consult with your chosen vet. 

Here are some basic guidelines to make note of when asking your vet about how they sedate dogs for surgery.


Propofol is the safest sedative to use in flat faced dogs.


Always intubate and protect the airway.  Pugs require a small sized trachea tube.  If a larger one is used it will cause the trachea (windpipe) to swell shut once it is removed due to the irritation of the lining.

Sevoflurane or Isoflurane are the gas anesthetics of choice.

Always make sure that the dog is well oxygenated, i.e. left on pure oxygen, pre and post surgical.

Always leave the endotracheal tube in place until the dog is up and moving and in total control of it's tongue, throat, and jaws.



Older dogs have more difficulty with being put under anesthesia.





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