Frequent short grooming sessions will help your Pug learn to stand still and tolerate a grooming session. 



What you will need:

1.  Grooming table, or any non-skid surface that raises the Pug up to a comfortable height for you to work at.

2.  Natural bristle brush or shedding comb (metal "slicker" brushes can cause skin burns so use a rubber brush or natural brush)



Probably one of the biggest complaints people have is that their Pug won't let them trim the toenails without a horrible fight.  Touch your pugs' feet weekly, pick them up and examine them, tap them with the clippers or grinder even if you don't actually USE it.  After a while your pug will get used to you handling their feet and also the presence of the tools that you will be using.

What you will need:

1.  Nail clippers

2.  Nail grinder of nail file to take off the sharp edges

3.  Quick stop (in case you cut to close to the quick and make the nail bleed)



Only bathe your pet when necessary, and make sure to dry him off quickly to prevent chills.

What you will need:

1.  Good quality tearless shampoo made for pets

2.  Cotton balls

3.  Wash cloth

4.  Towel

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