Once again its all in the training.

You need to keep an eye on your dog and scold him for marking (peeing on things) in the house. Then blot up any pee and take it out to the proper place the dog should be going. Put it down and if your dog looks at it, or sniffs it you need to praise them. They have just acknowledged their pee is now outside. Once they sniff it you can remove the blotting material.

Also, if your male is not neutered he will have more urge to mark. Although neutering is no guarantee to stop marking it will probably help. You can spay your female pug around 6 months of age. We like to wait a little longer on the males. (around 10 months). Males are slower to complete their physical growth. They keep maturing until they are nearly 2 years old. We hope that by waiting to neuter it will allow them to grow a little more and hopefully have a larger head. Although good behaviors is far more important that good looks. So if your male is starting to mark, get  him neutered! Sometimes hormones cause them to act up on training you thought you had under control. Also introducing another dog can cause a back slide on training, and encourage the urge to mark.

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