When training puppy to go potty outside, section off a small area in the yard.  This helps them to get the idea of where to go without trying to explore the entire yard.  Always go outside with the puppy, no one likes to be put outside alone. 

 While playing with the puppy inside, it’s a good idea to keep them on a 6 ft lead or in a small enclosed area, often the puppy is running around so fast that it can quickly run behind a chair to go potty before you realize they have done it.  Until the pup is trained never take your eyes off them.

 The best potty training technique is to catch the puppy “in the act".  If you catch the puppy in the act firmly say “NO!”, then quickly pick up the pup and take it to the place you want it to go potty.  While the puppy is in the spot you want it to go potty in give the “go potty” command.  If the puppy goes potty then make sure to give it lots of praise! 

 If you don't catch the puppy in the act take it to the soiled spot and tell it “No, No!”  Never rub the puppy’s nose in the soiled spot.  Pick up the mess then take the mess and the puppy outside to the place you want it to potty in.  Put the mess on the ground along with the puppy, if the puppy looks at or sniffs the mess then praise it!  The puppy has just acknowledged that its mess is now outside.

 Always forgive your puppy for accidents or misbehaving right after scolding it.  This reinforces that you love them, but not their bad behavior.  Dogs forget so fast, your puppy won't remember after 5 minutes that it soiled the rug or chewed up your good shoes.  So continually scolding only confuses the puppy and makes it feel unloved.  Always reinforce good behavior with a treat, praise or both.

 Puppies must go urinate every time they wake up from a nap and poop within 15 to 20 minutes after eating.  Small puppies need to eat 4 times a day.  Wean them off of wet food as soon as you can, dry food is better for their teeth and remember, don't give table scraps!  Feeding table scraps can upset the puppy’s tummy and cause more accidents thus making potty training harder.  A consistent diet of quality puppy food is the best thing for them, and will help regulate how often they poop. 


Many people use “Crate Training” as a potty training method.  For more information on this method, see the “What is crate training, and why should I use it?” topic in the FAQ’s.


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