Pugs are very human-like in their expressions and mannerisms.  Do not be misled, pugs are not pushovers, they are very intelligent and have extreme determination in every thing that they do.

Pugs can be the proverbial "couch potato," therefore do not expect your pug to become a jogging partner (never walk a Pug father then you are willing to carry it).  A pug would rather save its energy for the occasional outburst that us pug owners refer to as "Pugtona."  Pugtona is when a pug tucks its hind legs under and runs so fast that its little curled tail is made straight by the sheer speed of the run.  A happy pug is one that does this as least a few times a week, especially if it has other dogs to run with.

A pug can be very amusing.  There is nothing funnier then when a pug looks at you and does the "who, me?" head tilt.  The liquid brown eyes in that forever perplexed looking face at times can be too much to bear, especially when you are busy trying to scold a naughty puggie.

Pugs are often considered "High Maintenance" dogs due to a few factors.  They do not handle hot weather well because of their flat faces, and they can also develop breathing problems.  The eyes of a pug protrude a bit so they are prone to eye injuries.  The pug is also well known for its stubbornness, so a person needs to have patience, if you are not a patient person then a pug may not be your dog of choice.


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