Once your puppy is about 3 weeks old its baby teeth start coming in.  After a few months those tiny teeth fall out and the new adult teeth start to come in.  Just like a human baby, your pug will feel discomfort and need to chew to relieve some of the aches and pains of teething.

If your puppy is chewing on everything in site including you, then you will want to curb this behavior as soon as possible.

Provide suitable chew toys and make sure to always offer them.  If you find puppy chewing on the sofa, tell it "NO Chew" in a firm voice.  Offer the correct chewing item and when puppy chews on it PRAISE it!!

If puppy begins to chew on your fingers, stop the puppy by saying in a firm tone "No Bite" or say ouch in a voice that expresses it hurts and say "no Bite".  This will usually stop the puppy, then offer the correct toy for chewing and praise the puppy as soon as it sniffs or chews on the toy.

Another trick to use is if puppy grabs your finger and starts to bite, push your finger further back in the puppies mouth (don't choke it or shove your finger down its throat), you want to put enough of your finger in the mouth to fill the puppies mouth so it is harder for it to bite down.  Then tell puppy "No Bite".

NEVER swat your puppy in the head or face because it is biting you!  This will cause your puppy to not trust you or your hands.  You could also end up smacking the puppy in its ever sensitive eyes and causing damage.


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