All NW Pug puppies come with AKC registrations.


Limited Registration

(Owner is contracted to spay/neuter the pup by age 10 months)

Males & Females are the same price

 Pug puppies are $2500.00 for pets, and $3500.00 for show puppies.

French bulldog puppies start at 3000 for pets.



Full Registration

(Pup is sold with the purpose of showing/breeding)

Prices are considerably more for this option, and will be negotiated in advance. Typical price for full registration will range from $3000 to $4000.

Female pugs are in higher demand then males, (this does not mean females make better pets, it only means more people want females). So you may be put on a waiting list if you wish to have a female.

Black pugs also have a waiting list at times since we have fewer black females.


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