Many of you want to know what the puppies are doing in their first weeks of life, so we have put together a little list that can tell you exactly what the puppies should be doing as the weeks go by.


Puppy Development Timeline



Days 1 to 7

The puppies are spending 90% of their time sleeping and 10% eating.  The central nervous system is rapidly developing at this point.

They are susceptible to heat & cold and need constant care from mom.  Stimulation is needed for urination and defecation

The pups already have some instinctive reflexes: crawl, seek warmth & of course, nursing.  If a puppy is placed on upside down it can right itself.

During this time pups may lose 10% of weight after birth, but should start gaining again with the weight doubling by the end of the week.


Week Two (Days 8-14)

During this week the puppies will get those eyes open (around day 10), and the ears should also open between days 13 and 17.


Week Three (Days 15-21)

 The puppies start to get more mobile during this week as they learn to walk, they also start to become more aware of their environment and start to play with each other. 

The teeth begin to erupt, their noses can now pick up smells and they can start to lap up liquids.  The puppies also are learning to leave the bed to go potty as they no longer need the stimulation from mom to do this.


Week Four (Days 22-28)

This week the puppies really begin to be active; they are learning to bark, bite, growl, chase, bare their teeth and wag those tails.

The puppies are walking pretty good now, however, they are just gaining depth perception and they grow tired easily.


Week Five (Days 29-35)

 This week the puppies start to develop the dominance order of their little pack and they start having more group activities.

They are growing and developing very rapidly.

They are now old enough to start learning to eat solid food.


Week Six (Days 26-42)

The rapid growth and development continue.


Week Seven (Days 43-49)

 This week the puppies have total hearing and visual capacity and they will investigate anything.


Week Eight (Days 50-56)

This week is when the puppies go through their first fear period (strangers, sudden noises, etc).

The puppy is ready to learn its name, and may be able to go to its new home.


Week Nine (Days 57-63)

 This week is when the puppy is ready to really start learning. 

              + Develops strong dominant and subordinate behavior among littermates (family)

              + Begins to learn right behavior

              + Motor skills improve

              + Short attention span

              + Starts focusing attention on owner rather than other puppies

              + Start house training


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