If the smell is coming from:


EARS:  This could be a yeast infection or ear mites. 

Take a Q-tip, get it moist and run it inside the ear without digging into the ear canal.  If the Q-tip comes out with black to reddish goop that looks grainy, then this would indicate ear mites.  If the Q-tip comes out with anything else besides a light amber colored ear wax, contact your vet for proper treatment.


FACE:  If a pugs nose folds and face wrinkles are not cleaned and dried on a regular basis a yeast infection will start making your pugs face stink. 

You can correct this by washing the face with a simple solution of 4 parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide.  Dip your wash cloth in the solution and run the washcloth under the nose fold and face wrinkles, paying special attention to not get any of the solution in the eyes or into the nose.  Make sure to dry out the wrinkles and folds completely with a clean washcloth.  A small dab of diaper rash medication like Desitin can help keep it dry in that area, never use powder as it will cake up and cause more problems.  You can also consult with your vet for other treatment methods.


REAR-END:  Not only will your pug have a stink about them, you will probably also notice some extreme hiney scootching across the floor. 

This is a sure indication that your pug has full anal glands.  Please consult with your vet immediately when you notice these items.  A vet can express these two pea shaped glands in a matter of moments, thus giving your puggie instant relief.  Some groomers can also perform this simple service or your vet may show you how to do this at home.


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