Spaying or Neutering your Pug is a very good idea. 

All of our "pet" pups are sold with this requirement in the contract.


Neutering Facts

The truth is that male dogs are usually better pets if they are neutered. 

They have less desire to roam away from home, to mark territory (including furniture, walls, carpet etc.), or to exert dominance over family members (biting, humping etc.). 

They are also healthier pets: no testicles means no testicular cancer, which is not uncommon among aging intact male dogs.  Intact male dogs also have a tendency to have frequent urinary tract infections and prostate issues.


Spaying Facts

Females also tend to be better pets if they do not experience oestrus (heat cycles) every six-to-nine months. 

Heat cycles bring on hormonal changes that can lead to personality changes, your once sweet baby can become down-right mean. 

Repeated heat cycles increase the risk of your female developing Cancer of the uterus or mammary glands.  They are also more prone to getting uterine infections.  Some females can also experience false pregnancies that can be a bother for you to deal with and can cause uterine infections that can be fatal.


If you are worried about putting your dog under anesthesia for surgery, then read the section on Anesthesia.



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