Here is a list of some of the things you will most likely need for your pug or will need to consider getting:

1. A good Vet that knows Pugs!

2. Baby Gates

3. Bedding, (washable, of-course)

4. Crate, exercise pen, or secure area to stay alone.

5. Litter Pan, and litter

6. Pet Carrier

7. Chew Toys, both hard, and snuggly soft toys. Pugs love human baby toys. They squeak, crackle, and some are motion activate. (what fun)!

8. Bowls for food and water (ceramic or crock work best, and don't tip over easily)

9. Pet odor and stain remover (Nature's Miracle is great!)

10. Collar, Harness, and Leash

11. Secure Yard or off-leash play area

12. Grooming supplies

13. A Good Groomer (If you can't bathe or clip nails yourself)

14. Flea control products

15.A Good Vacuum to suck up all that pug hair

16. Pet Insurance (Always a good idea)

17. A Trusted Pet Sitter (You may have to leave your baby some time)

18. Puppy Socialization, or Training Classes (Recommended)

19. Treats

20. Pooper scooper and waste baggies


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