Pugs love interesting toys!

Puppies like a variety of toys, hard chew toys along with soft toys to cuddle with.

The brand of toys I like best for my puppies are "Pet Stages" and "Nylabone". Pet Stages makes smaller toys especially for puppies. They make several different types with different textures and sounds to keep your puppy interested. You can find them at most Pet stores like Pet-co, or even Wall-mart.
Puppies like small sized toys. You can try rotation the toys so that when they get tired of the toys they are playing with, they can get different toys without you having-to buy new toys. Watch for sales after major Holidays.

Avoid Human toys. Any toys made for babies or kids. We know now that the stuffing in these toys has been treated with a fire retardant. The chemicals in this retardant will tear up your dogs stomach so quickly that even if you know what is wrong by the time your Vet can go in after the stuffing its too late.
So buying old stuff animals from the second hand store is not going to save you in the long run if your puppy or dog eats any of the stuffing.

Also avoid any kind of "greenie" or "dental bone" that is promoting teeth cleaning. They can break off and choke your puppy because the peaces don't dissolve.


Avoid toys with long fur, string or rope (over 4inchs long), as it can twist in the intestines or get looped around the puppy's neck.  Short fur or rope, under 2 inches long, is fine.

Rawhide chews are not good for digestion, but great for the teeth.  If your dog gobbles them down, then you would want to limit access to when you are present to monitor chewing on these types of toys.  If it takes forever for the pup to chew through it then don't worry, but still keep an eye on the progress of the chewing.

Shopping online is also a way to save. check out the clearance section of any online store. Some I like to use are Foster and Smith, dogs.com, Revival animal health. You can also type things like "discount dog toys" into your search engine.
When shopping online you save the most when you have several things you need. Otherwise the shipping can really add up. Watch for free shipping after you reach a specific amount. I also find discount flea treatment on line. 

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