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Frequently Asked Questions



Do pugs shed?

What is the personality of the pug?

What are the differences in personality between males and females?

Is a female easier to housetrain then a male?

What kind of toys should I get my puppy?                         

My pug is licking everything, is that normal?

What things should I get before I bring my puppy home?

Can pugs swim?

Do pugs snore?

Is there a difference between a black pug and a fawn?

Should I breed my Pug?



Spay / Neuter - should I do this?

Anesthesia - is it safe?

My puppy makes a lot of snorting and sniffling sounds, is it sick?

What is that Smell?                                     

What do I need to groom my Pug?

My pug is itching a lot, what is wrong?

How can I tell if my pug has fleas, and how to I get rid of them?

My pugs nose looks crusty, what do I do?

How do I clean my pugs nose wrinkle?

How much should my pug weigh?

What is mange?

My pugs tail is not curled, why?

Are there plants in my yard that are poison?




Are there things that my puppy should not eat? 

What kind of food should I feed my puppy?



What is the best way to potty train my puppy?

How often should my puppy go out to potty?

What is crate training and why should I do it?

My puppy cries at night what should I do?                               

What can I do about my male that is marking?

My puppy keeps biting me, what should I do?




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