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Puppy FAQ'S

Availability of puppies varies due to scheduled resting periods for our Dams

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Puppy's growth and development timeline - Birth to 9 weeks



How much do you sell your puppies for?

 Do I have to make a deposit to hold a puppy?

 Do I get a discount if I buy more then one puppy?

What is the difference between Limited and Full Registration?



Can I meet the parents or at least the dam, if she is available?

How long have you been breeding dogs?

Why do you like the breed?

Is this a business or hobby?

Where do you raise your puppies?


What health issues do your pugs have?

What kind of health guarantee do you offer?

 Will my puppy have all of it's shots before it comes home? 

 When can my puppy come home with me?

 Can I let my puppy be with other dogs once it comes home?



 Please e-mail us to find out when the next available litter is expected.

Are you ready to adopt one of these little guys?  If so you can fill out an on-line application.


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