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For information contact Tamara nwpugs@comcast.net 

Pug Boutique

 Show leashes.
All hand braded, using Kangaroo leather lace with a 220 pound test core for added strength.
I can make special orders in any color lace. I can also double the core for larger breeds.

This first leash is made with Saddle Tan lace and Amber beads. The next one has an attached choke collar with a swivel connecting it to the leach. Its made with Pink, Grey, and Metallic Silver lace and Pink and Silver beads.

This is one of the favorites made with Purple and Metallic Gold lace. It has an attached choke collar. The last one is white lace with Amber beads. The slip choke collar is separate form the leash.

My standard prices are,
$75.00 for a 36 inch leash.
$20.00 for a 18 inch choke collar.
$95.00 for a 36 inch leash and attached choke of up to 18 inches.
$105.00 for a leash with an attached Rusko collar with a slide bead.
Longer leashes and longer choke's are a little more, depending on the individual order.



Featuring "Coffee Pugs"!

Coffee Mugs with "hand painted" Pugs on them!

"click on picture for larger view"

My Mugs are 12.00 plus shipping and handling.

I can paint your pug on a mug if you like.
Custom orders (with your pug on the mug)
$25.00 plus shipping.

I can also do other breeds. Here are some of the Custom Mugs I've done.

"click on picture for larger view"

Contact Tamara at nwpug@comcast.net